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What are the Qualities of Good Dog Supplementary Probiotics?



As you'd probably know, the attainment of great dog health is dependent on proper, nutritional feeding. And as a dog owner, you may already have realized how difficult it is to get all the nutrients required for optimal pet health without including supplements in the diet. That's why you're now reading about supplementary probiotics as potential additions to your dog's regular diet. But all probiotics are not prepared the same, and with the same ingredients. This article points out a few important qualities to expect in effective, healthy probiotics for your dog's supplementary diet:


The Right Ingredients


A probiotic is a supplement that carries potent, good bacteria into the digestive tract of a pet that takes it. However, it has to have the right ingredients (bacteria) to be effective. So, when you're considering a probiotic to buy for your dog, ask about the type of bacteria it contains that's meant for delivery into your pet's digestive system. Does it have the bacillus coagulans bacteria that colonize the intestinal track of a dog, fighting off out-of-control bad bacteria, and restoring digestive balance?


Is the Probiotic Safe?


It also makes sense to not only ask, but also research extensively about the safety of any probiotic you wish to give to your dog. Granted, the supplement includes bacteria, but only the good variety. Don't choose a product that can cause your dog sickness or any other adverse health effects, read more here!


Can it Survive Harsh Intestinal Conditions?


Not all probiotics can resolve intestinal disorders, especially if they can't survive harsh chemical conditions that are usually prevalent in there. The stomach is very acidic, and the probiotic offered to your dog must survive such conditions in order to deliver good bacteria to the gut. To read more on the importance of having the right dog supplement check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/cute-dog-videos/.


Is it Effective?


It seems obvious, but you need to find out about the effectiveness of any probiotic you're considering administering into your dog. The supplement won't be effective if does not have sufficient quantities of live microorganisms (bacteria are live microorganisms) to effectively retake control of the intestinal tract. That's the only way the probiotic can defeat any harmful bacteria that may already have take over your dog's digestive system, leading to numerous complications, such as diarrhea and gas.


Confirm the effectiveness of any recommended probiotic supplements you wish to buy to enhance pet health. Be sure to verify the kind of bacteria and any other ingredients that a specific probiotic product comes with.